Delhi Arbitration Week 2023 - TRANSCRIPTS

Event No.Event NameDateTimeTranscript
1Address by Guest of Honour Mr Peter Henry Goldsmith16-Feb-202317:00TERES Transcript
2Keynote Address by Hon'ble Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, Chief Justice of India16-Feb-202318:00TERES Transcript
3Challenges and Issues in Arbitration Ecosystem: Is Institutional Arbitration 'the' Solution?
4Limits to Party Autonomy in Arbitration and Emergence of Commercial Courts17-Feb-202310:15
5Should Patent Illegality as a Ground Continue in Domestic Arbitration?17-Feb-202311:45
6Increasing Diversity and Access in Arbitration: Role of the Stakeholders17-Feb-202312:00
7Corruption in Arbitration: Knowing the Unknown17-Feb-202314:15
8Reimagining Arbitration in a Post-Covid World: Right to Physical Hearing17-Feb-202314:30
9Adjudicating Construction Arbitration Claims: The Asian Perspective17-Feb-202316:00
10International Commercial Arbitration: Lessons from West to East17-Feb-202316:15
11Appointment of Arbitrators: Discussing the Role of Judiciary, Institutions and Parties18-Feb-202310:00
12Taming the Unruly Horse: Public Policy in International Arbitration: India / UK / Singapore18-Feb-202311:45
13Conflict of Interest: Do's and Don'ts for Arbitrators18-Feb-202312:00
14Emergency Arbitration and its Developing Contours in India18-Feb-202314:15
15Modern Boundaries of Investment Treaty Arbitration18-Feb-202314:30
16Supervisory Powers of Courts at the Seat: Lex loci18-Feb-202316:00
17Role and Duties of Experts in Assisting the Arbitral Tribunal19-Feb-202310:00
18Third Party Funding: How Ready Are We?19-Feb-202310:15
19Arbitration Vision 2030: What the Future Beholds19-Feb-202311:45