DASH | Document Collaboration Reimagined

Conveniently share and store various documents in a unified platform. With DASH, we aim to make arbitration faster, greener and more intuitive. DASH offers systematic organization of your matters, complete with advanced indexing, filtering and search capabilities. You can also create searchable annotations, importance ratings, tags etc. without affecting the integrity of the underlying documents. DASH seamlessly integrates with our electronic hearing bundle service, streamlining your filing and hearing preparation.

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Lightning Fast Search

Sort, Filter and search across documents,tags and annotations.

Converse with Documents

Harness the poer of Generative AI with source identification, in a private, secure environment.

Access from Anywhere

All documents accessible on a single platform across devices.

Write or Type your Notes

Don't change the way you take notes. Dash adapts to your style.

Effective Handover

Unparalleled information retention - even if a team member leaves.

Agile Doc Review

Real-time collaboration to ensure the team is always in sync

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