TERES leverages Artificial Intelligence to build a tailored transcription service for arbitration hearings. Our transcription service is a key enabler of TERES' vision of giving the stakeholders of a case more time to focus on the matter and not worry about the administrative aspects. The service promises a significant reduction in time and costs of a case. Over 4000 hours of transcription is a testament that TERES has been a go-to service provider for Arbitration.

We transcribe physical and virtual hearings, recording, depositions, conferences and much more. We offer transcription with a variety of delivery options and a bouquet of value added services to help clients pick what suits their specific needs and demands. We also offers a Large Language Model (LLM) based insight tool which helps users query the transcript conversationally using voice, and Generative Al to create summaries, action points, time trackers, efficiency indicators and more.

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Delayed Transcription

Delivered in 1 day,2 days and 5 days.

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